Storage Tank Services


Storage tank inspection

Tanks are designed and manufactured in many different variations for the safe storage of a range of products. We can inspect storage tanks containing products such as lube oil, silicone, glycol, water, acetone, benzene, methanol, gasoline among others. Regular tank inspections are required for a number of reasons, including:
  • Licence to operate
  • Tank integrity
Our inspections are done according to industry standards, e.g. API-653, and use intrinsically safe equipment where required. In addition, our tank inspections are fast and cost-effective and require no downtime or disruption to your business operations.

We provide tank inspections for:
  • Petro chemical industries
  • Water industries
  • Nuclear industries
  • Airports
A.Hak Industrial Services’ storage tank inspections will ensure the safety, reliability and integrity of your storage tank, while providing more efficient operations.

We offer skilled personnel, a global reach and the best available equipment to ensure a high quality inspection solution you can trust.

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