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Leak repairs

The specialist team at A.Hak Pipeline Services are able to repair any pipeline leakages, either by installing repair clamps or replacing the bad section. In addition, and if required, we are able to assist with environmental issues, such as the disposal of contaminated soil.

For repairing leaks in pipelines and systems we offer two effective solutions.

The clock spring method
A clock spring is a simple system that guarantees a leak-tight seal for pipelines. This state of the art leak reparation solution restores the carrying capacity of all diameter pipelines and is becoming increasingly widespread due to its simplicity and exceptional reliability. The clock spring method is highly cost-effective due to the fact that repair is carried out without decommissioning the line, does not require additional equipment and is done directly in the pit.Advantages of the clock spring method:
  • Installation takes 30 minutes and the system reaches full strength in two hours.
  • The sleeve’s unique coil–shaped configuration creates a matrix memory, which allows the clock spring to wrap tightly around pipes of virtually any size with little or no additional pressure on the walls.
  • Longitudinal flexibility of the sleeve eases repair of the deformed pipe and transverse rigidity guarantees reliability, quality and longevity.
  • During installation of the sleeve, no welding is necessary, therefore all the associated dangers including, burn through, metal embrittlement and cracking in the weld zone are eliminated.
  • No environmental risks.

If applied by skilled personnel, the repair can be stronger than the original pipe.
Carbon-ply composite pipe repair system
This repair system is a non-metallic, monolithic carbon fiber composite repair system. It can be used for damaged or corroded pipelines in high and low-risk pipe and pipe work applications. The system will permanently repair externally damaged pipe, restoring structural integrity and preventing further deterioration. In addition, it can be used as a temporary repair for internal corrosion on piping.

This is the only cast-in-place monolithic composite repair system available and offers the following features and benefits:
  • A monolithic system, therefore no laminates to delaminate
  • Fool-proof pressure saturation of the carbon reinforcing fabric
  • Can be used above-ground and is UV resistant
  • High service temperature of 204°C (400°F) with no post-curing requirement
  • Fast curing with return to 100% of operation service within three hours of start of installation
  • Easy to install dry-wrap method
  • No messy roll-on or painting of resin to accomplish fabric saturation
  • Appropriate for application on pipe with up to 80% external wall loss due to third party damage or corrosion
  • Very easy to install composite system
  • No noxious odors or harmful vapors
  • Any length repair without spiral wrapping issues
  • High modulus repair
  • Lowers inventory costs
  • Longest resin shelf life
  • Small excavation
  • Minimal training required Impact-resistant.

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