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Gas re-compression

Gas re-compression involves the emptying of gas pipelines when modifications or contingencies are required.

A.Hak Pipeline Services offers an effective solution for gas pipeline evacuation. Manufactured by the mobile compressor experts at LMF, our flexible compressor units are fully equipped with generator and control system, enabling them to operate independently of an external power source on-site.

Gas engine
Instead of transporting fuel to the combustion engines using trucks, these engines are fed with natural gas from the pipeline, reducing logistics and the risk of spills.

The section of the pipeline to be evacuated is isolated by block valves, mostly on valve stations, at each end. The mobile compressor is then connected to the isolated section with high pressure temporary piping. The operation and control of both units is by remote control from an operator station. The unit then operates fully automatically. Initially the system operates as a single-stage compressor for high-volume operation (down to approx. 7 barg) and changes automatically to double-stage function during the second half of the evacuation process in order to reach a minimum pipeline pressure (less than 1 barg).

We believe in quality services and deliver this using the best available equipment.

The gas compressors are each driven by a 12-cylinder, 750 Kw, 1.400 rpm gas engine (CAT). They are each equipped with a water/air heat exchanger, control system for automatic operation and are containerized to facilitate handling.

Environment, quality, safety.

Our compressors are built according to EX and ATEX guidelines and are regularly checked and recertified. Our gas recompression service offer environmental and economical benefits, including:
  • Emptying pipeline systems to a pressure of less than 1 barg
  • Practically no product loss or flaring
  • Fast, reliable operation – most adjustments are automatic and since we constructed the units, we are able to optimize our software for each operation
  • Reduced environmental emissions
  • Noise reductions through use of sound-absorbing walls Site logistics optimization due to small sized compressors, which can be operated from the trucks used for mobilization (we require only two trucks and a 10ft control cabin to operate).


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