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One of the major problems in the transportation of any product, is the risk of leaks. Flanges are a particularly sensitive part of installations, often due to the combination of different materials. To prevent leaks, flanges need to be tightened at their optimal tension level.

At A.Hak Pipeline Services, we specialize in finding, repairing and preventing leaks. Our bolting services assist in mounting flanges in such a way that the tensioning is within the specified, engineered range, thereby minimizing the risk of leaks.

Our custom made software has the capability to calculate the required torque or tensioning to be applied for optimal bolt tension. When an installation is complete, we use load-cells to check whether the calculated tension has been achieved. In many instances, this is not the case, largely due to fabrication tolerances in stud bolts and nuts, as well as variations in friction.

In addition to our installation services, we also measure the tension in existing flange connections, using our advanced ultra sonic devices. Based on our findings, we prepare a procedure to correct any leaking flanges.

50% of the bolts are fitted with tensioners at ones, ensuring optimal tension control in a swift way.
Our highly skilled, experienced team, combined with the best available equipment and materials, means we can handle any bolting requirement you may have. Our bolting activities can be divided into three categories:

Manual torque services
For smaller sized pipes and stud bolts, we use manual torque wrenches to achieve optimal bolt tension.

Mechanical torque services
For torques that cannot be applied manually, we have air driven, hydraulically driven and electrical torque wrenches to achieve optimal bolt tension.

Tensioning services
If a fit is not possible due to bolt size or space etc, we use bolt tensioners to stretch the bolts in order to apply the correct torque for optimal bolt tension.

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