Nitrogen Services


Hot stripping

Hot stripping is required for the removal of hydrocarbons prior to cooldown or for reactor regeneration purposes.

A.Hak Industrial Services’ specialized equipment fleet can provide pump units with the capability to inject warm nitrogen with temperatures up to +350°C. The hot nitrogen will be pumped through the system, dissolving the hydrocarbons and carrying them out in the hot nitrogen flow.

Accelerate your cooldown with Nicool®

A.Hak Industrial Services offer the Nicool® procedure to assist refineries with accelerated cooldown of reactors. Standard Nicool® operations start at a temperature of approximately 150°C down to the required temperature levels that will allow entry to the reactors for catalyst change and/or maintenance work. The basic principle of Nicool® is to cool the recycle gas flow by spraying liquid nitrogen into the flow, preventing excessive low temperatures of the pipe wall.

Applied solution
Liquid nitrogen will be injected using our nitrogen pumping unit through the Nicool® injection skid, in order to control the temperature of the gas and pipe wall. The connecting pipe-work and equipment will be suitable for cold temperatures.

Thermo-elements will be installed at the pipe wall close to the sparger injection point and the temperature monitored. Temperature is monitored and controlled using a minimum of four independent temperature read-outs fitted on the Nicool® injection skid.

All temperature controls have two set points – a low temperature alarm and a very low temperature, which will automatically shut down the liquid nitrogen injection and open the dump valve.

These controls eliminate the possibility of damaged equipment due to low temperatures. Combined with our experienced team and specialized tools, we ensure your equipment is protected and a safe and reliable service is delivered at all times. This includes:
  • Detailed technical planning
  • Special designed liquid nitrogen injection point (sparger)
  • Accurate control of temperature up and down stream of injection point
  • Continuous monitoring of gas temperatures.

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