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Non-piggable pipelines

To provide a suitable solution for the inspection of non-piggable (unpiggable) pipelines, A.Hak Industrial Services has developed the Piglet® – a highly versatile inspection tool on a mobile platform for use anywhere in the world on short notice.

Refinery piping | 12" 2 cut mitred bend
For maximum flexibility, the system applies a contact-free ultrasonic measuring head that is able to scan the full surface of the pipe wall, whereby high-resolution options can be realized seamlessly.

The ultrasonic system is based on direct ultrasonic measurement with time of flight (TOF) measurement so that absolute wall thickness data can be gathered. This allows a full overview of any wall-thickness reductions that may impact the pipeline’s integrity.

Simultaneously, the centralized set-up of the UT-head allows measurement of the pipeline’s geometry, detecting any deformation (like ovalities, dents and buckles) easily. This is critical when third-party damage may be applicable.

To allow the best possible interpretation, the system stores the raw A-scan data of each measurement. This enables a detailed analysis of defects, allowing re-evaluation and preventing errors due to algorithm induced analysis.

The system can be utilized free-swimming as well as tethered, for real-time observation of the inspection and short-term feedback on the results. This means immediate decision-making on-site is possible.

For the inspection of short pipe sections without the need for temporary pigging and pumping equipment, A.Hak Industrial Services has developed a hand-fed, push-pull system which can be applied with minimum downtime and yield results instantly.

The Ultrasound Inspection tools are available for diameter ranges between 3” and 46”.

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