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HAK Decoking Technology (HDT)

Regular cleaning and inspection of your furnace increases its reliability and continuity. Knowing the remaining wall thickness of the tubes can also lengthen the lifecycle of the furnace tubes and prevent unwanted shutdowns. A.Hak Industrial Services has designed an intelligent, free-swimming tool that is capable of inspecting the tubes and bends of your furnace, with a minimum impact on shutdown time.
One of the major challenges facing plant operators is the continual build-up of coke deposits along the inner tube wall of the furnace which occurs during normal operations. Without intervention and maintenance, this coke layer grows in thickness, restricting the flow of the process fluid and increasing the pressure across the furnace. In addition, coke deposits act as an insulator, hindering heat transfer from the tube to the process fluid. The result for plant operators is reduced efficiency and higher operational costs.

Regular decoking will
  • Increase profitability
  • Lower production costs
  • Reduce hotspots
  • Increase heat exchange
  • Increase the flow
  • Lower differential pressure
  • Minimize safety risks
A.Hak Industrial Services have carried out furnace decoking since 1998 and, based on their advanced industry knowledge and experience, have developed a unique decoking system that will safely and reliably remove furnace coke deposits.

We aim to ensure your furnace is operating at full capacity.

When combining our Furnace Decoking with Furnace Piglet® inspection technology, it is possible to guarantee the cleanliness of your furnace tubes. We can also provide the minimum wall thickness of the tubes, if required. This is a cost-effective way to reduce safety risks and unplanned stops and guarantee the ongoing optimal performance of your plant’s operations.

Why use our furnace decoking?
  • Fast, safe and reliable
  • Minimal shutdown time
  • No environmental impact
  • Determination of abnormal coking areas
  • Allows optimization of heater operation to reduce future coking
  • Simultaneous cleaning and inspection, saving time and money
Our methodology incorporates developments in pigging technology to deliver an enhanced pigging technique that removes cokes and scale without eroding tubes, with minimal shutdown time and eliminating environmental emissions.

The resilient and flexible pig bodies enable the pigs to navigate pipe systems that have short radius elbows, U-bends, boxes or plug headers, while the studs break down the coke layers. The method ensures thorough cleaning of the tubes without blocking the furnace.

In addition, the system allows the collection and examination of coke samples for accurate composition and structural analysis. This is valuable information potentially leading to extended run-lengths, reduced maintenance costs, improved reliability and minimal operation costs.

Furthermore, by regularly examining the amount, size and hardness of your furnace cokes, it is possible to determine their characteristic history, thereby identifying specific problem areas so you can plan for the future.
After completion of the decoking operation and inspection (if required), a full report is generated containing information about the condition of the furnace and details of the cleaning procedures undertaken.

The extensive industry experience, expert engineers and readily available resources at A.Hak Industrial Services, means we can offer the latest in information and technology to provide our client’s with innovative and flexible solutions.

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