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Debris from piping systems that have not been cleaned prior to start-up can lead to product contamination, blocked pipes and damaged equipment. We provide two methods of air-blowing, that will safely and reliably remove debris, such as sand, loose scale and dust to ensure your system meets its required cleanliness in minimum time.

Air-blowing can be used as a safer, more environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to conventional cleaning and steam blowing. The purpose of air blowing is to remove loose scale and debris prior to start up using compressed air as the cleaning medium. The velocity of a large air mass through the pipeline will pick up any debris or loose scale left in the pipe. This method will guarantee the cleanliness of the compressor or turbine suction pipeline and prevent damage.

- Minimize erosive damage
- Prevent plugging of systems
- A proven clean system
- Safer due to low temperatures and the absence of chemicals

This method has proven to be the most effective method for simple, small and low pressure rate systems. The pipeline is connected to a 100% oil free compressor. This air is then continuously blown through the system at a pre-determined minimum velocity and amount of time. These air-blows are required for the removal of all loose debris that accumulates inside the pipeline during construction or maintenance. Alternatively we can offer high flow nitrogen with our present extensive equipment fleet.

This method is best suited to complex, large or high pressure rate systems. It is a discontinuous method, whereby a specific volume of air is compressed and stored in a column, drum or vessel connected to the system. The air is then rapidly released by a quick opening valve, in order to create a high enough velocity to remove loose debris from the system.The amount of debris impact on the target plate determines the cleanliness of the line.

The air-blowing method is repeated until the piping system is determined to be clean according to the manufacturer/client specifications. A.Hak Industrial Services’ procedure for pipeline cleaning by air-blowing incorporates years of knowledge and experience. We ensure your system reaches its highest possible level of cleanliness.

As part of the Dutch government’s recent ambition to establish a ‘gas roundabout’ in the Netherlands, several new compressor stations were built around the country. The purpose of these compressors was to maintain the required pressure in the pipelines during transportation.

The compressors, which form a vital part of the whole installation, are very delicate and small particles of sand, dust and other materials, can cause serious damage resulting in loss of production and high replacement costs.

The construction sites of the compressor stations are high risk locations for polluting the pipeline system with sand and debris. In order to receive their warranty, clients need to act in accordance with the manufacturers specifications and guidelines.

After consulting with A.Hak Industrial Services, our client chose to implement air-blowing cleaning methods as the fastest, most reliable option, particularly due to the presence of coated pipelines. After the first successful clean, the client received their manufacturer’s warranty and proceeded to implement the same cleaning method for many of their other new build systems at various locations around the country.

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