Refineries & Petrochemicals


Keeping your plant in top condition

A.Hak Industrial Services (HIS) offers a range of services for the petrochemical and chemical industries, all of which aim to reduce downtime and costs and increase quality and plant availability. For newly built facilities we offer all relevant pre-commissioning and commissioning activities.

We provide services throughout all phases of a facilities lifetime, including:

Newly built facilities:
  • Hydrostatic testing, cleaning, pigging, drying
  • Hot oil flushing and flange management
  • Chemical and mechanical cleaning
  • Purging and drying with nitrogen
  • Helium leak detection
  • Other related pre-commissioning activities.
Shutdown related services:
  • Furnace cleaning by decoking with studded pigs or sand jetting
  • Reactor cool down with nitrogen
  • Decontamination and chemical cleaning
  • Purging with nitrogen.
Integrity related services:
  • Ultrasonic inspection of non-piggable pipelines
  • Ultrasonic inspection of furnaces by means of smart pigs.