HSEW vision

At A.Hak Industrial Services (HIS), health, safety, environment and welfare (HSEW) are key elements in our business success for both operational excellence and meeting our client’s expectations. Our reputation and safety standards are highly valued by our clients and are essential for the continuity and future of our company.

Our HSEW approach is built on flexibility, simplicity and a collaborative structure that fits our company’s unique operations and business philosophy. Under A.Hak Industrial Services’ HSEW management system, four business units serve our upstream and downstream customers, as well as other market segments and assumes the primary responsibility for safety compliance and risk assessment.

Leadership accountability for performance is fundamental to our HSEW system. Management at all levels must demonstrate and encourage commitment to HSEW in order to create and sustain an integrated company culture where HSEW is the responsibility of all employees. We maintain ongoing dialogue with our employees regarding all aspects of our operations that may affect our HSEW performance.

We trust, respect and support each other and we promote teamwork to successfully and efficiently achieve our objectives. We aim to create a working environment where our employees feel free to express themselves and we achieve this through training and development, quality, empowerment and accountability.

Through clear communication with our employees, clients and other stakeholders, our business units assure risk control. A formal assessment measures and audits the effectiveness of our procedures. Furthermore, we are constantly self-assessing, taking corrective actions and sharing best practices and experience. Regular and thorough management review completes our HSEW process.

We recognize that, in our industry, we will always face risks and challenges. We also know that our business activities can have an impact on society and the environment. That is why our engineering, construction, maintenance procedures and task risk analysis, ensures that health and safety always comes first and our environmental impact is kept to a minimum.

Our principles for first class safety performance:
  • Safety is about leadership and leadership doesn’t come from your title, it comes from your personality.
  • We always strive to improve, learn and do our job better.
  • When we fail in our performance, we learn from it and improve. When we succeed, we learn how to build on that success the next time.
  • We never compromise HSEW under any circumstances and always plan and execute our work in the safest and most practical way.
  • Stopping unsafe work isn’t a right given to us. Stopping unsafe work is an obligation that we hold ourselves and each other to.
  • Time pressure is never an argument to continue unsafe work. Safety isn’t about policies and procedures.
  • Safety is about openness, honesty, involvement, communication and responsibility for people and the environment.