Our heritage

A.Hak Industrial Services (HIS) is part of A.Hakpark, a group of companies offering pipeline construction and services for the oil, gas, water, chemical and petrochemical industries. The group also provides infrastructure for the transport and distribution of electricity, data, telecommunications, lighting and sustainable energy. A.Hak operates its own companies for drilling, coating and dewatering, as well as production facilities for installations, machinery and masts.
Similar to all other A.Hak companies, HIS is an independent but fully integrated group member. This allows our customers to benefit from the expertise of our A.Hak colleagues.
Proud of our history
Shortly after the Second World War, Arie Hak founded A.Hak Transport. True to its name, the company mainly transported the pipes needed to rebuild the underground infrastructure in The Netherlands. 
In 1963, a few years after the discovery of enormous gas fields under the northern Netherlands, he seized the opportunity to expand his business to pipeline construction. His second enterprise, A.Hak Pipelines, was born. 
In the years that followed, Hak continued to build pipelines in The Netherlands and then started to expand abroad. Other companies and activities which are now part of the A.Hak portfolio were added along the way, a process that gained even more speed when A.Hak Pipelines was acquired by its current owner.
How it all began ... 1947. Arie Hak second from the left.
We’re ready for the future
The position of HIS as an independent company within this economically healthy group allows us to invest continuously in two crucial assets: professional, knowledgeable people and the best available equipment. We are especially proud of our training center where we keep our staff (and our clients’ staff) knowledgeable and well trained. We can teach them about the latest technologies and about every aspect of safety – theirs and ours.
Beyond that, we design and develop tools and services that keep us at the forefront of the industry.
These include sophisticated integrity management systems, robotic inspection tools and even more powerful high-pressure, high-volume nitrogen equipment.