Our core strengths

Solution-oriented – We take time to listen to you, to understand your problem and your specific needs and requirements and we work together with you to find the most effective and affordable solution.

Internal strength – We use the combined efforts of all our departments to identify the most efficient and effective solution that is in line with your business objectives. This includes expertise in the areas of engineering, construction, maintenance, services and abandonment.

Flexible – We are ready at any time to respond on short notice. We are able to adapt our technology to your needs. We minimize your downtime and maximize the reliability and availability of your installation.

Cost-effective – We design, manufacture and maintain our own equipment and all of our technology and knowledge is in-house. This allows us to monitor our progress directly at all times and you benefit from maximum reliability.

Experienced – Our staff have a proven track record spanning two-and-a-half decades. We have the experience and expertise to know when your installation is functioning well – and when it’s not.

High-quality – Our inspection measurements cover more surface area and reveal more high resolution data than those of any of our competitors. When our work is done, you will know more about your own facility, and will have the tools to make better management decisions in the future.

Broad-based – When an engineer from any of our service lines visits your site and identifies the need for an inspection, they will know immediately who to recommend for the job. We have the solution for you.

Integrated services – We offer a complete range of services throughout the entire life cycle of your facility. So, as your needs change, you know HIS are here to help. We have the tools and resources to take your operation through every step from design, through ongoing maintenance, to end-of-life. Our departments communicate with each other to find the best solution for you.

Integrated solutions – At HIS, we offer you a complete solution covering every requirement you might have as an installation owner or operator – from design and construction all the way down the line to ongoing maintenance, whether in the form of inspection, decoking or pipeline cleaning. And, at end-of-life, we are specialists in decommissioning.

Overall strength – At HIS, we are unique in our ability to offer all critical services, across several disciplines, throughout the entire lifetime of an installation and we are represented worldwide.